Just this week DePuy Othopaedics, Inc. issued a WORLDWIDE recall of both its ASR XL Acetabular System (total hip replacement) and its DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System.  Unfortunately this recall comes too late for patients who were sold these devices.  This sn’t a typical product recall where you can pull something off the shelves or return it to the store for a refund.  This recall is for a product that has been implanted in a person’s hip.  The only way to replace the recalled hip is for the patient to go through a painful and debilitating surgery and rehabilitation.   Almost 100,000 of these hip systems have been implanted in patients worldwide.  

This is a good link for more information about the ASR hip recall.

For more information, contact the DePuy ASR Hip Recall Law Firm Alliance at (877) 284-6600 or go to http://www.mctplaw.com/depuy-asr/

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