NBC News investigative reporters sat down with Andrew Chappell a few weeks ago at his Missouri home to talk about his Biomet M2a hip replacement nightmare.  The reporters wanted to know why seven nations, including Australia, Germany, and Great Britain, knew about serious problems with the Biomet M2a hip implant and issued warnings, but neither Biomet nor the FDA warned American patients like Andrew.  

“Throughout the extensive litigation, it’s still not clear why Biomet decided not to issue a recall in the U.S. According to Chappell’s attorney, Altom Maglio, it’s because no one was forcing them to.”  -Excerpt from NBC News Investigative Report on Biomet M2a Hip Replacements

X-ray of Andrew Chappell’s Revision Surgery

Andrew’s Biomet nightmare required two unnecessary surgeries to remove and replace the Biomet M2a implants in both of his hips.  Despite the surgeries, he was left with extensive damage to his muscles, tissue, and bones. Blood tests had came back positive for heavy metal poisoning, a result of toxic heavy metals from the hip implant spreading through Andrew’s body.  When Andrew’s surgeon opened up the hip cavity, he found a grisly mess of disintegrated bone, gray-green fluid, and metallic-stained tissue, and a cavity filled with metallic debris.  
Andrew is not alone. There are thousands of people in the United States with metal on metal hip replacements like the Biomet M2a and Magnum hip implants. NBC News worked with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to uncover how medical devices like Biomet metal on metal hip implants are “tested, approved, marketed, and monitored.”  The results of their investigation are terrifying for anyone living with a medical device like the Biomet M2a hip.  
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